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Work for the Grimsby Institute Group

Academic Vacancies

Job Ref: 17/131
Wage: From £25,369 up to £31,909 + £2262 market weighting
Closing Date: 22/12/2017
Job Information
Job Ref: 17/072
Wage: £25,369 - £31,909 per annum
Closing Date: 2/1/2018
Job Information
Job Ref: 17/145a
Wage: £15,221.40 - £19,145.40 per annum (plus Market Weighting if applicable)
Closing Date: 1/1/2018
Job Information
Job Ref: 17/145b
Wage: £25,369 - £31,909 (plus Market Weighting if applicable)
Closing Date: 1/1/2018
Job Information
Job Ref: 17/120
Wage: £15,221.40 - £19,145.40 per annum
Closing Date: 29/12/2017
Job Information

Support Vacancies

Job Ref:17/021
Wage:£14.99 per hour
Closing Date:31/1/2018
Casual Internal Quality Assurer
Job Ref:17/045
Wage:£16,733 per annum
Closing Date:3/1/2018
Telesales Agent
Job Ref:17/028
Wage:£32,000 per annum
Closing Date:20/12/2017
Lead Development Officer (Food Industries)
Job Ref:17/086
Wage:£22,666 per annum
Closing Date:19/1/2018
Employability Coach
Job Ref:16/225
Wage:£13.71 - £14.18 per hour
Closing Date:14/1/2018
Casual Work Based Assessor Trainer
Job Ref:17/134
Closing Date:15/12/2017
Lead Technician
Job Ref:17/129
Wage:From £35,030 up to £37,091 + £2,066 market weighting
Closing Date:22/12/2017
Curriculum Manager Building Services
Job Ref:17/127
Wage:£20,606 - £23,452 per annum
Closing Date:1/1/2018
Business Work Based Trainer Assessor

Casual Vacancies

Job Ref:16/238
Wage:£23.61 - £25.61 per hour
Closing Date: 28/2/2018
Job Information for Casual Employability Tutors
Job Ref:17/059
Wage:£13.47 per hour
Closing Date: 19/12/2017
Job Information for Casual Community Skills Facilitator
All applications are to be either via our on-line application form or via a downloadable application form. No other form of application will be accepted unless first agreed with by the Human Resources Department.

A Curriculum Vitae is not an acceptable alternative.
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