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Grimsby Institute Group - Equality Statement

The Grimsby Institute Group is committed to:

  1. Ensuring equality of treatment for everyone in connection with service delivery, recruitment and employment.
  2. The broad principles of social justice and is opposed to any form of discrimination or oppression and accepts all its legal and moral responsibilities in these respects.
  3. Treating equally everyone with whom its representatives come into contact including current and potential service users, its employees, elected members and job applicants.
  4. Ensuring that no person is treated in any way less favourably on the grounds of race, colour, national, ethnic or social origin, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability and/or political/other personal beliefs.
  5. The implementation of necessary actions and training to ensure its commitments with regard to equality of treatment are fulfilled and will establish structures for oversight and scrutiny on a regular six monthly basis or as when required.
  6. The engagement and communication, both internally and externally, with staff, students and the wider public where appropriate in relation to the above.
  7. Ensuring our commitment to Equality and Diversity is understood by all that engage with us.
Legislative Context
The Grimsby Institute Group has chosen to publish a Single Equality Statement that fully taking into account The Equality Act 2010. It extends the characteristics for which people are protected from discrimination and the grounds for positive action on the basis of people being disadvantaged or having additional needs due to those characteristics. The characteristics are:
  1. Age
  2. Disability
  3. Gender
  4. Gender Reassignment
  5. Marriage and Civil Partnership
  6. Pregnancy
  7. Race
  8. Religion or Belief
  9. Sexual Orientation
The Grimsby Institute Group formally recognises its legal and moral duty to identify and address the needs and barriers that our learners may face in fulfilling their learning potential. We also recognise the continuing relevance of previous legislation until all relevant parts of The Equality Act 2010 fall into place. We will endeavour to address by reasonable adjustments and positive action to remove any barriers that may exist in relation to any of the above mention protected characteristics for both staff and learners.

Commitment and Intent
The Grimsby Institute Group has four key areas of commitment and intent:
  1. Review all policies and practices
  2. Consultation, Engagement and Involvement
  3. Set appropriate equality targets and actions
  4. Communication Strategy
Review all Policies and Practices
The Grimsby Institute Group will review all its policies to ensure legal and moral compliance by all staff and learners, regardless of differences and specifically in relation to the protected characteristics as defined under section (legislative context).A framework of continuous equality improvement will be set to ensure that all policies, procedures and organisational documentation will undergo review.

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To contact our Quality Team regarding equality and diversity please call 0800 315 002 or email

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